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...about me:

I'm a native Californian, living in the San Francisco bay area. This is a very beautiful area, though the people here are pretty wacko. Just look at our real estate market - $750,000 for a 1200 square foot "fixer-upper" house. Worse, the house will sell within a week...maybe for a price that's higher than the original asking price.  We pay higher prices than the rest of the nation for most everything. 

It seems that most people here think that we are grossly under-taxed, and every year, the voters approve a new multi-billion dollar bond issue for our schools -- to fix the same problems that last years voter-approved multi-billion dollar bond was supposed to fix! I'm not necessarily against all taxes, just the corrupt, mismanagement of how the taxes are actually spent. It's so bad that neither politicians nor government accounting can tell how much tax money goes where. So they just fight for more taxes when "there isn't enough money". The people here NEVER ask where it goes.  Let's just say that the politicians friends are getting very wealthy, while I still run over the same pothole in the road that I have for the last 3 years, while paying over eighty cents a gallon in gas tax that's supposed to fix the roads...And we have the "governator" aka Arnold Schwarzenegger, running our state now.  As I wrote, the place is beautiful, the people are a little nuts. 

I enjoy the redwoods (Santa Cruz mountains) and the mountain highways for bicycling, motorcycle riding, and for the views. I hope to start power boating in the San Francisco Bay soon.  And did I forget to mention that the Napa/Sonoma wine country is just over an hours drive away?   I also enjoy ghost town hunting in Nevada and exploring for other historical sites of our past.

I am an Oracle certified database administrator, though the tech industry is pretty tough right now.  I also run my family's real estate business now.  I maintain several websites for family and friends businesses...I'm not a webmaster per-se, I just enjoy the creativity.  In my previous life, before breaking my back in an accident, I worked as an union electrician, and still enjoy working with my hands. I can appreciate the labor that blue-collar worker do.  Thank God for modern medicine and a particularly skillful orthopedic surgeon.  I don't road-race (AFM) motorcycles anymore, but I'm not in a wheelchair, either. I love to get out in the forest and enjoy the scenery and the peacefulness - by hiking, biking or riding my quads (ATV's). (Another problem with this area is that many city-dwellers, like those in San Francisco, call themselves "environmentalists", yet have never even been to the many astoundingly beautiful redwood forests we are so fortunate to have here, and to see for themselves what the condition of the forest is, or what it is they are trying to actually  ban/stop/outlaw/regulate/close-off.  Ignorance is bliss?)

I enjoy cigars, and have traveled twice to Havana to sample the best. It is the land that time forgot.  Of course in California, all "tobacco-users" are evil and must pay 150-300% tax for tobacco - even us cigar smokers who never inhale! 

  --more later --


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